Missing functions in nvGRAPH

The following functions seem to be missing in nvGRAPH in 9.0.176

1>JNvgraph.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol nvgraphTraversalSetAlpha referenced in function Java_jcuda_jnvgraph_JNvgraph_nvgraphTraversalSetAlphaNative
1>JNvgraph.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol nvgraphTraversalGetAlpha referenced in function Java_jcuda_jnvgraph_JNvgraph_nvgraphTraversalGetAlphaNative
1>JNvgraph.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol nvgraphTraversalSetBeta referenced in function Java_jcuda_jnvgraph_JNvgraph_nvgraphTraversalSetBetaNative
1>JNvgraph.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol nvgraphTraversalGetBeta referenced in function Java_jcuda_jnvgraph_JNvgraph_nvgraphTraversalGetBetaNative

They are also not listed under
dumpbin /EXPORTS nvgraph64_90.dll

In general, all the traversal functions and spectral clustering functions do not seem to appear in the documentation. Are they actually supposed to be part of the public API?

Hello …lo…lo…lo?
Anybody there … ere…ere…ere?
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I’d really like to know whether these functions are supposed to exist (and work) or not.

(Related: https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/963556/cuda-programming-and-performance/missing-functions-in-cusolver/post/4970498/ )

It seems evident they are not usable. I’ll check. What happened on your last report is that you reported it here, I filed a bug, and got confirmation from the developers. In the future, if you want to short-circuit the process, you can file your own bug at developer.nvidia.com

OK, I’ll do this in the future (I wasn’t aware of that option, sorry)

Regarding your first answer (that only appeared in the notification mail) : Due to the large number of libraries and their sometimes complex functionalities (and the fact that sometimes not all of the functionality is covered with simple samples/tests), I occasionally have to just “route through” some CUDA functions to the Java side, without being able to thoroughly verify what they are doing. That’s not ideal, for sure, but until now it worked well, and I’m always trying to increase the “test coverage” whenever I have the time to create or port small sample applications.

Of course that strategy could not possibly work for a function which you cannot even link to. The fact that it is undocumented and unlinkable makes it useless. Based on those datapoints alone, I would guess that it was not intended to be published. I may have some confirmation of that at some point.

Sure, no need to argue about the details here. But most of the functions seem to be there (i.e. linkable). Only the set/get Alpha/Beta functions have been missing, and without a deep understanding about what these (and the other) functions are supposed to do, I thought that it might be worth asking. (There’s a presentation out there that seems to explain this spectral graph thingy in nvGRAPH, but I haven’t studied it yet in detail)