Missing functions?


I am looking for the following functions which I can’t find in the PGI CC header files:

  • swab
  • towupper
  • towlower

Any idea why they are not in the shipped header files?


Hi Johnny,

Your system should have the header files installed in “/usr/include”. The only header files that come with the PGI compilers are those system header files that we needed to modify for compatability reasons. All others are provide by your Linux distribution.

I believe towupper and towlower are found in the “wctype.h” file and swab is found in “unistd.h”. Adding

#include <wctype.h>
#include <unistd.h>

to your source should provide your program the correct prototype function.

  • Mat

I thought I’d mention that we do include header files with our Win32 product. They are located in the “$PGI/nt86/5.2/mingw/include” directory. Note that swab is in “string.h” not “unistd.h”.

  • Mat

It seemed an include was missing, only the PGI compiler had a problem with this, GCC not. Fixed this in ACE, thanks for the info