Missing ibnvidia-tls.so.346.46

I installed Bumblebee with drivers 346.59-1.1 one year ago on my Opensuse13.2 laptop.
That worked.
I then recently installed CUDA7.0 that appears to use 346.46-0.
Unfortunately, compilation of the examples failed at ‘bindlessTexture’.
The reason was:

warning: libnvidia-tls.so.346.46, needed by /usr/X11R6/lib64/libGL.so, not found

I searched my whole hard drive for libnvidia-tls.so.346.46 but it doesn’t seem to be
there. If it was part of CUDA7.0, it wasn’t installed.
I found libnvidia-tls.so.346.59 instead at various locations.

How can I rectify this ? Where can I get libnvidia-tls.so.346.46 ?

Please help, I have been struggling with this for days.

I found libnvidia-tls.so.346.46 in x11-video-nvidiaG03-346.46-0.x86_64.rpm
(which is part of CUDA7.0 rpm).
which the CUDA installed avoid installing, probably because the version was smaller than

> rpm -qlp x11-video-nvidiaG03-346.46-0.x86_64.rpm | egrep -e libnvidia

I’m wary of installing it all as it might stuff up Bumblebee.
However, I should be able to extract and copy only the libnvidia-tls.so.346.46 files.
Need to see how to only extract some files with RPM.

I think I know what happened and that’s how I fixed it.
One year ago, I got a laptop with Optimus technology and tried to install Opensuse13.2 .
The display was highly unstable and I had to install Bumblebee 346.59-1.1. I had
some problems installing it, and I am reluctant to change it.
A few days ago , I stopped procrastinating and installed CUDA7.0 .
Choosing CUDA7.0 (vs 7.5) was intentional as it is 346.46, lower than Bumblebee and
hopefully less conflicting.

I used the rpm method and I am now pretty sure that the CUDA7.0 installer did not
install x11-video-nvidiaG03-346.46-0.x86_64.rpm on purpose because its version number
was lower than Bumblebee. Or some other reason, but anyway, it didn’t.

x11-video-nvidiaG03-346.46-0.x86_64.rpm contains the missing libnvidia-tls.so.346.46

So, I could install x11-video-nvidiaG03-346.46-0.x86_64 myself, right ? Except that
I was worried that it would interfere with Bumblebee and leave me with a bigger problem.

So, I did the following :

  • Found x11-video-nvidiaG03-346.46-0.x86_64.rpm in /var/cuda-repo-7-0-local/
  • Copied it in a /tmp/test directory to work on it without screwing it up
  • Extracted a local copy with rpm2cpio x11-video-nvidiaG03-346.46-0.x86_64.rpm | cpio -idmv
  • I copied the local usr/lib/libnvidia-tls.so.346.46 to usr/lib/libnvidia-tls.so.346.46
  • I copied the local usr/lib64/libnvidia-tls.so.346.46 to usr/lib64/libnvidia-tls.so.346.46

That worked for bindlessTexture and all the 2_Graphics.

However it failed because ld: cannot find -lnvcuvid (missing libnvcuvid.so.346.46)
Again, I copied from the extracted libnvcuvid.so.346.46 for /usr/lib and /usr/lib64
This time i had to also create a symbolic link for each of them so the linker could find them:
libnvcuvid.so -> libnvcuvid.so.346.46

I still have some other warnings but the examples now compile.