Missing libvisionworks-nvxio

Hello, i’m having issues running some of my code that I wrote on my TX1. It works perfectly fine on the TX1 but when I try to get it working on the TX2 It says i’m missing the NVXIO files. After looking, it appears that I don’t have the NVXIO package like I do on my TX1. Does NVXIO no longger come on the jetpack?

The NVXIO package was split into NVX and OVX. You will need to rename the function calls to correspond to the respective library to which they belong.

Quote from the Jetpack 3 release notes

The NVX library enables direct access to VPI, and the OVX library enables indirect access to VPI via OpenVX framework.
NVXIO was split to NVX and OVX, where NVX has no dependency on OpenVX and OVX has dependency on OpenVX.
    Static library libnvx.a and libovx.a will be generated automatically before building visionworks samples.
    CUDA Layer Feature Tracker Demo (nvx_demo_feature_tracker_nvxcu) and CUDA Layer Object Tracker Sample
    (nvx_sample_object_tracker_nvxcu) are build with libnvx.a. Other samples and demos are build with libovx.a.

I had a lot of my work written using the nvxio package, and moving it to the new format took less than 10-15 minutes!