Missing members of struct in debug watch


I’m using a rather large struct inside a kernel and when trying to watch a struct object with the cuda debugger inside Visual Studio some of the structs members aren’t displayed. I can access the missing members when evaluating them directly, but I’m really confused why they are missing in the first place.

Minimal working example

struct Test {
    int first;
    float second;
    double third;
    long fourth;
    short fifth;
    bool sixth;
    int2 seventh;
    float2 eight;
    half2 ninth;
    double2 tenth;

void testStruct() {
    Test t{ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, true, int2{7, 7}, float2{8, 8}, half2{9, 9}, double2{10, 10} };

int main(int argc, char* argv[]){
    testStruct<<<1, 1>>>();

I’ve tried increasing the max elements inside Nsights options but this didn’t help either.
I’m using Cuda 12.2 with Visual Studio 16 2019 and Nsight Version 2023.3.1

Hi, @rctm

Thanks for reporting this ! This issue is supposed to be fixed already in our next version. I will let you know when the build is public.