Missing NVIDIA Kernel sources from repo

I wanted to implement my custom sensor driver for the new 5.2 release. When downloading sources with ./source_sync.sh command in Linux4Tegra folder, I have under kernel ony Kernel-5.10 folder and also nvidia folder, but it is pretty empty.
Where are Jetson csi drivers for example which was located under kernel/nvidia/drivers/media/i2c/ on Jetpack 4.6 release.

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Please reference to below topic.

source sync just gives files as above, maybe I use the wrong tag? What is the correct tag for L4T35.1?
Downloading public sources manually did work.

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It could be tegra-l4t-r35.1
Below command able to confirm it.

git tag –l tegra-l4t*

Doing this, only gave me tags from the past, like r32.7 being maximum. It was not able to find tegra-l4t-r35.1.

OK, I didn’t check it. Maybe you can get the source from download center instead by source_sync.sh

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