Missing pgi_cuda_runtime.h


I’ve just installed the 10.0 trial version, using the already installed CUDA version (i.e., answering “no” to the CUDA install question). I have edited the sitenvrc file accordingly, but the compilation gets stuck because it does not find the “pgi_cuda_runtime.h”. Which is, indeed, nowhere to be found.

If I copy the cuda_runtime.h from the original CUDA installation inside the /tmp/ directory, and rename it as pgi_cuda_runtime.h, the compilation is successful.

My question is - has anybody seen a similar problem? Also, are there any differences between pgi_cuda_runtime.h and cuda_runtime.h? If so, where can I find the file, and where is it supposed to be installed by the PGI installer?


Hi analucia,

The “pgi_cuda_runtime.h” is included with the CUDA installation that ships with the compilers. You will need to reinstall 10.0 with the PGI CUDA installation.

Hope this helps,