I am installing v15.10 on a Cray machine. pgcc seems to work correctly, but when I use cc I get

Unable to determine compiler version
.Make sure that a pgi module is loaded and that PGI_VERS_STR is defined

I can just add PGI_VERS_STR=15.10.0 to the module file if that’s the solution. But why wasn’t it there already? It’s there in our 15.3 module, but I don’t know if it was added manually or not.


Hi Ben,

PGI_VERS_STR is something local to your system and not something the PGI compilers use. You’ll need to talk with your local administrators as to what they use this string for and why it’s missing from the module.

  • Mat

Found that we have to use the tool craypkg-gen to generate module files rather than use the ones provided by PGI.