Missing(?) Plugin URL - Nsight Eclipse Plugins Installation Guide

In the documented steps:


Under Section 1.1, step 5:
“Enter name (ex: NsightEE) in the Name field. Choose the the zip file(com.nvidia.cuda.repo.zip) that contains the plugins using Archive button or Enter the full path of zip file. Nsight EE plugns zip file can be found in /usr/local/cuda-10.2/nsightee_plugins directory.”

The image appears to display an http URL to an nvidia maintained repository for the plugin.
Is is an http URL and if so, what is that full URL?


In case you’re wondering why I’m here, the SDK Manager GUI appears to have installed /usr/local/cuda-10.0, not 10.2. That does indeed have the 10.0 version of the plugin, however I wanted to be able to keep my environment up to date from an Nvidia maintained server.

If the SDK Manager GUI is the recommended path for maintaining the Eclipse plugin, then that’s fine, it just seems to be slightly out of date from the instructions.

This is what the SDK Manager GUI shows:

I am having same problem, finding the online plugin site. Have you found an answer to this?