Missing Power Supply for Component

Hey Nvidia,
I was referreing to Jetson Xavier AGX developer carrier board schematics for a custom carrier board,
i came across an issue on the schematics for FTDI IC on page 24 of the Carrier Board Schematic (P2822_B03_OrCAD_schematics), FT_1V8_VCORE Netlable is given to a wire but there is not other reference in the schematic other than this one instance
Is it an error or is it supposed to be like that?

Hi Good day:
This part of the circuit looks like Pin 49 (VREGOUT) outputs 1.8V (FT_1V8_VCORE) for VCORE Pin (Pin12,37,64) use.

Please check FT4232HQ datasheet for VREGOUT and VCORE, https://ftdichip.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/DS_FT4232H.pdf

VREGOUT is an intergrated voltage regulator output, 1.8V. It can be connected to VCORE.

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