Missing: saac_sim_unity3d.x86_64 file in sim_unity3d_release-20200623-18ddf0dd.tar.gz

I have downloaded the latest ISAAC Sim for 2020.1 along with the ISAAC SDK 2020.1 document for my Jetson AGX Xavier.

But the document shows how to Start Unity3D:

bob@desktop:~/isaac_sim_unity3d$ cd builds
bob@desktop:~/isaac_sim_unity3d/builds$ ./isaac_sim_unity3d.x86_64 --scene small_warehouse

But in the builds dir., there is no isaac_sim_unity3d.x86_64 file.

Can you let me know how I can get the file or do I need to download an another version of ISAAC Sim package somewhere?


I have found that file in the previous release. Never mind.