Missing shared libraries in REDIST?

We are providing a software stack which is exportable to other nodes. Since only part of the NVHPC compiler can be redistributed according to the license, we split the compiler into redistributable and non-redistributable parts. When applications are built on our private systems using NVHPC, we have a linker wrapper which ensures that it only points to the redistributable part (basically, we ensure the compiled binaries’ RPATH point to the redistributable folder only).

A user just wrote to us because the application he built (VASP) with NVHPC/22.7, does not find some libraries (because it looks just in the redistributable part). The missing libraries are libnvcpumath-avx2.so and libnvhpcwrapcufft.so , which are indeed nowhere to be found in the Linux_x86_64/22.7/REDIST/ folder, but are in Linux_x86_64/22.7/compilers/lib

Why are those shared objects not in the REDIST folder ?

It was an oversight. Later releases corrected this issue.

Feel free to include these SOs as part of the redistributable.


Are there other such oversight that are needed ?