Missing Symbol: __pgi_unified_version_selector71

While linking a pre-compiled library with a newly compiled library a missing symbol error is encountered. The missing symbol is “__pgi_unified_version_selector71”. My suspicion is that the two libraries are being compiled with different versions of the compiler. Any one has any suggestions about this issue?. Thanks.


Which version of PGI compiler do you use to compile a pre-compile library and which version is a newly compile?

What -tp options do you use?

What are the systems do you compile on, i.e., barcelona, penryn,etc.?


Thanks for the response. Since I posted the message I have received more information from the user and indeed there is seems to be a mix up in versions. The pre-compiled library used version 6.2 and the newly compiled libraries used 9.0.

PGI 9.0 should be backward compatible. You should be able to use 9.0 compiler to link with 6.2 pre-compile library (if not, please let us know) but not the other way around.