Missing Target Components

I went through the SDK Manager. Now if I click on “Repair/Uninstall,” I see that the target components only include “Jetson OS Image.” Do I not get “Developer Tools,” “CUDA,” or “Computer Vision” on the target (Jetson TX2)? I only see those three on the host.

Also when I go back to Step 01, the target operating system now says “Linux. Not supported on Linux.” Am I not able to go through the SDK manager anymore?

Hi Rishabh.choudhary,
“Repair/Uninstall” is not supported for target in sdk manager at the moment. We do have a plan to support in the future though. At the moment, you can re-install the target components with normal install steps if you want; or you can flash the target if you want to reset the target.

Ok, thanks. It looks like I have what I need. If I am able to run the example applications, I am assuming I have CUDA and Computer Vision.