Missing /ttyUSB port for connecting to Aurix


in documentation it says that it is possible to connect to Aurix through Tegras with minicom and /dev/ttyUSB3 port. But on Tegra there aren’t any ttyUSB ports shown.

I tryed this,
7. Query the serial devices on the host system with the command.
dmesg | grep ttyUSB ,

like it says in documenation it doesn’t display any devices…

How can I connect to Aurix through Tegra?

Dear anja,
If you connect host and Drive AGX platform with debug usb cable. You can see /dev/ttyUSB* ports on host machine. you can check using ls command on host. You can check minicom emulation section in documentation to configure minicom and connect to aurix(DriveOS-> utilities->Minicom terminal emulation)