Missing TX1 cboot source

Hi everyone!
The Linux Driver Package documentation that I downloaded when I flashed my Jetson TX1 using JetPack states:

3.14 CBoot Source Code Available to Public
With this release, bug 1951501 makes the source code for CBoot available to the public at:
The source code is in a file named cboot_src.tbz2. Instructions for users are included.

My problem is that the cboot source for the TX1 is nowhere to be found.
Can you please help me out and provide that source code?

We currently only provide TX2/AGX cboot source code.

That’s very misleading. :(
I bought my TX1 to develop my Linux based cluster project to a poc level, and start a campaign on Indiegogo.
I know, it’s my fault that i only checked the documentation and not the reality.
Thanks for your help.

You might be interested in knowing the following:

Dear Forum Admin!
Buy more stuff from us is not an Answer.
I know you want to hide this under the radar, but this is not acceptable at all.
The we are doing security by obscurity is a really bad strategy.
Why don’t you just share the source like:
“Here we go. Here is the source. Feel free to take a look, modify and improve it. Also don’t be shy to let us know any issues or bugs you found along the way.”
That would be a way nicer move.

As CBoot require partner-specific changes, it should be made available in source format with proprietary IP portions (e.g. fuses, LPDDR4 training code) isolated, possibly the non-proprietary portions could be released under a permissive open-source license.

Sorry for the misleading on the document, we will correct it.