Missing USD File

Hi, I previously posted in this forum to get help since Omniverse randomly decided to hide or delete my USD file I spent days building. My previous post is “Failed to open stage” on March 21st. I’ve even responded to another person’s post to try to get help since no other responses were on my post.

I followed steps from the post “Omniverse lost file” from March 28 (Today) with no luck. I can determine Omniverse deleted my file because I did not delete it. Is there any way to recover the file?

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@TimothyFlanary - I am sorry for this situation that you are in. Sounds like you tried installing Drive and still could not find the file in question. At the moment there are no backups for the localhost Necleus database on your machine. But can you do the following. Collect the logs into a zip file and send back? Get the whole folder

Launcher Settings (Windows and Linux)

    • Collect the Library and Data path information

External MediaExternal Media

Collect Logs (Windows)

    • Using the above method to collect the settings, once that dialog box has opened there will be an action to “Open Logs Location”.

On windows, a windows explorer will popup. Collect this whole folder into a zip file and send back to Nvidia.

External Media