mistakenly upgraded os.

My robotics team upgraded the distribution of ubuntu without knowing that was not how you should do it. after the disto upgrade we lost all access to usb. including the ability to load the os using the sdk manager. has anyone else done this and found a way to not have it a useless brick again.

SDKM will work fine for flashing even if software is not working right (you’d need to be in recovery mode). SDKM would fail to add or change the “extra packages”, e.g., CUDA, since optional packages require a running o/s. Basically that upgrade would have erased a number of drivers specific to the hardware, so you’ll need to flash again (recovery mode has no dependence on any of that software). Are you certain that you cannot actually flash in recovery mode? If so, you might want to show flash logs.

FYI, if you have something valuable on the Jetson, then you could clone first (instructions vary by release, so posting release would also help).

ahh I guess i need to reed more thanks for the info.