[MITK] Error processing 3D annotations using dextr3D

We setup our AIAA server using the guide provided in Getting Started — Clara Train SDK v4.0 documentation, and used the MITK workbench with AIAA client as downloaded from here - Downloads/NVIDIA AI-Assisted Annotation Client - mitk.org.

After setting our server to interact with the client, we are able to load models for segmentation, and run them successfully. However if we attempt to use the annotation option under 3D Segmentation, and provide six seed points, we get the error as below -

Response: {"error":{"message":["invalid literal for int() with base 10: '[[41,71,64],[57,41,64],[71,85,64],[45,87,64],[67,67,64],[87,49,64]]'"],"type":"ValueError"},"success":false}

How should we proceed from here?

Can you please try 3D Slicer NVIDIA AIAA plugin instead?
You might be using very old MITK version or it is outdated wrt Clara 4.0 version features and above.