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Hello Everyone,

I am trying to load a DICOM image in MITK. However, I am not able to load the image. I have all slices of DICOM image in one folder and I try to open one of the .DCM files from the folder. Please note that I am using MITK But I get the below error as “Exception Occurred while reading the file. Invalid tag values when constructing tilt information origin 1 origin 2 and orientation…”. I am mainly a user of MITK and not DL person.

We are trying to Annotation for Mammogram dataset which has images in DCOM format.

Please find the link for sample mammogram dataset in dicom format (

The sample dataset given above, has two views for each breast. So we would like to view both the views of each breast at once and then do annotation in each image.

The attached screenshot shows how the .DCM files for an example case are stored in my directory

Kindly request you to let me know whether the issue is MITK or with the way I am loading files?

Please note that, I have also posted in MITK usergroup but interested to know whether anyone else had experienced the same issue.

Can you please guide us how this can be fixed?




Hi Selva,
As you have indicated mammography images are 2D x-ray images only. We don’t have a annotation models that currently supports these.
As far as MITK, this issue arises when all the dicoms are in the same folder; software will try to stack the images in order to form a 3D volume. Try selecting MITK Simple 3D Volume Importer in the “Choose file reader” drop-down menu when opening the files.
Or use one subfolder for each dicom and load in separately using the default dicom reader