Mixing A40s and A100 in the same server

Is it possible to mix 4 A40’s with NVLinks and a A100 in the same server?

It’s not a recommended or supported configuration by NVIDIA. Certainly you should not expect NVLink to work between two dissimilar GPUs.

Thanks for your answer.
NVLink would only be used to link A40 GPUs. The scenario would be 1 GPU A100, and 2 pairs on linked A40. Is it still not recommended, even if both GPUs are Ampere?

NVIDIA only recommends that datacenter GPUs be installed in a properly configured OEM server. There isn’t an OEM on the planet that offers a configuration that includes A40 and A100 in the same server.

I won’t be able to respond to further questions asking if this is supported or not. It is not supported. Do as you wish, of course. Good luck!

Understood. Thanks for the clarification.