mixing floating and counted nodelocked licenses


I have 10 user floating and 10 single user nodelocked licenses. I find that floating ones can’t be checked out if I keep the nodelocked ones in the license file. If I remove the nodelocked ones and leave only floating in the license file I can check out the floating ones.

I see the flelm user guide describes mixing floating with uncounted nodelocked licenses. But no mention of counted nodelocked licenses.

How should I setup flexlm to allow all my licenses to be accessed?


Hi markw9,

Unfortunately, they can not be mixed on the same system. A single user node-locked licenses restrict you to:

a. only one license for pgi on that machine.
b. the license server must be the same machine as the one running the compilers.

To fully utilize the 10 Workstation licenses, they must be installed on 10 different systems, each running their own license server. While the 10 user floating licenses allows you to install on as many machines as you like, but all machines must use the same single license server.

Please contact sales@pgroup.com if you would like more information about adjusting your licenses.