MJCF conversion problem

The mjcf converter does not create Drive for the revolute joint, however, the 3D joint works well.

The MJCF (MuJoCo XML) converter in Isaac Sim is designed to convert MJCF files into USD files that can be used in Isaac Sim. However, it might not support all features of MJCF, and there might be some differences in how joints are represented in MJCF and USD.

In MJCF, a revolute joint is represented by a <joint> element with type="hinge". In USD, a revolute joint is represented by a RevoluteJoint prim.

If the MJCF converter does not create a Drive for the revolute joint, it might be because the joint does not have a corresponding <motor> element in the MJCF file. The <motor> element in MJCF is used to specify the properties of the motor that drives the joint, and it is typically converted into a Drive in USD.

Here are a few things you can check:

  1. Make sure that the revolute joint in your MJCF file has a corresponding <motor> element. The <motor> element should be a child of the <joint> element and should have the correct properties for the motor.
  2. Make sure that the MJCF file is correctly formatted and does not have any errors. You can validate the MJCF file using the MuJoCo simulator or a XML validator.

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