Is anyone running this on the nano?

I haven’t had any luck building it as it
pukes on some python declarations. Looking to using my nano
as an octoprint head and I was wondering if someone ran into compile
issues and possibly solved them before I spend time on it.

We don’t have experience about running mjpg-streamer. Forum users may share their experience.

For your reference, jpeg encoding on Nano is implemented in gstreamer nvjpegenc plugin and tegra_multimedia_api NvJpegEncoder class.

I was able to build after disabling the opencv plugin, not sure if I’ll need it but the git repo built.
Hopefully I’ll be able to start testing it as an octoprint head end, but I’ve got to get wifi sorted so the nano can be plugged into the printer and network at the same time.

Ok, so since I’m using a usb webcam and don’t think opencv is needed - disabling it in the cmake file left me with a fully functional mjpg-streamer.

If anyone needs rpi-camera support or opencv they’ll need to address those plugins.

At this point I have a fully functional mjpg-streamer (built from the experimental github) feeding images to octoprint (also build from github) controlling my anycubic i3 mega.

i need help i have the problem that i can not install i have a error and I would like to run several octoprints on the Nano with octofarm
how is your solution ?

Hi tozzi9142,

Please open a new topic for this issue. Thanks