ML Tensorflow RockPaperScissorsGame

Play the rock-paper-scissors game with ML model trained on Jetson Nano GPU
runing Tensorflow 1.5 and Python 3.6 with USB camera connected


Hello Alberto! Nice to read a post from you again and thank you for sharing your Jetson Nano showcase!

Since we don’t use cross-posting in these forums, may I suggest a different category for your post to reach the right audience? We do have a dedicated Jetson Nano category, but feel free to use a slightly higher level in Autonomous machines or check out our Deep Learning categories.

And again, thank you for sharing.

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Hi Alberto,

I would like to suggest you to post at Latest Jetson & Embedded Systems/Jetson Projects topics - NVIDIA Developer Forums which is for developer to share AI projects built on the Jetson platform.

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