MLNX_OFED 1.5.2-2.1 available?

Our adapter card is based on the MT23108 InfiniHost device. It appears that the last release to support this was Mellanox OFED 1.5.2-2.1. Unfortunately, the MLNX_OFED Download Center archive only goes back to 1.5.3-3.0.0, which does not support this device. Is it possible to get access to a 1.5.2-2.1 iso download that we can use for installation? Thanks for the help.

Hello Brian

Mellanox Support would be able to get this older version for you and put onto an FTP for download. I would suggest opening a support case by emailing support at:

Thank you. We actually just heard back from Mellanox support yesterday evening. They were very helpful. Should anyone else happen to need the drivers for 1.5.2, they are available here:

Drivers & Software - HP Support Center.