MLNX-OS 3.5.1002 is now available online

We are happy to announce the availability of MLNX-OS revision 3.5.1002

This release supports all the switch platforms.

Switch Systems Updates:

  1. New Systems at GA level : SN2700, SX1410, CS7510, SX1036 liquid cooled.

  2. New System at Engineering Samples level: SN2410 and SX1410 with DC Power Supply.

Major Software Features:

  1. Added new features for Spectrum switch platforms: ACLs, Port Mirroring, sFlow, QinQ, 802.1x, router port on LAG, PFC

  2. Ethernet resource scaling:

  • Adjustable ACL table size.
  • Adjustable number of ACL tables vs. the number of rules per table.
  • Sequence number was added to ACLs so that new rule can be inserted between other rules.
  • Added support for co-existence of ACLs and OpenFlow (Currently supported on SwitchX Platforms).
  1. Added support for read SFP28/QSFP28 cable info.

  2. Added support for NTP authentication.

  3. Added support for IP filtering on Management interfaces.

  4. Add support for BBU in WebUI

  5. EDR to FDR10 interoperability in Switch-IB based platforms.

  6. Added support for hostname resolution through DHCP

For the full list of features refer to the 3.5.1002 release notes available on the