Mlnx_qos config is not persistent

Im using connectx-6DX cards and configuring PFC using minx_qos command. Everything is working as expected, except the config is not surviving a reboot. I found mlxconfig which is a persistent way of configuring the driver but not able to find all the needed parameters. Can you please help me,
I’m looking for
Trust DSCP (I found the parameter for this as QOS_TRUST_STATE)
Enable PFC/Pause for specific priority
Default DSCP value to be used
Receive buffer

As you mentioned mlnx_qos is not persistent.
The only advise I can provide is to hook it into system init scripts. You can review a sample we have in GitHub - NVIDIA/doroce-linux: A command line utility to manage the configuration of a system's high performance network interfaces for RoCE deployments