Mlnx VDPA Driver


I want to use VDPA on connectX-6 dx, but it seems there is no proper documentation for building Mlnx VDPA driver. I want to build/compile mlx5_vdpa driver, but couldn’t find any guide.

Looking for a proper guide to use mlx5_vdpa driver for VDPA.


Hi @farhantariq1016 ,

Please review MLNX_OFED user manual.

Two flavors of vDPA are supported, Software vDPA; and Hardware vDPA. Software vDPA management functionality is embedded into OVS-DPDK, while Hardware vDPA uses a standalone application for management, and can be run with both OVS-Kernel and OVS-DPDK. For further information, please see sections VirtIO Acceleration through VF Relay (Software vDPA) and VirtIO Acceleration through Hardware vDPA.


Hi @chenh1 ,

Thanks for your response, I’m following the VirtIO Acceleration through Hardware vDPA but when I try to build DPDK, it does not build and gives me following build errors.