mlnxofedinstall of 4.3- has some checking bug need to be fixed

It seems that the RedHat has changed the naming conventions of some RPM packages. In the file “centos-release-7-5.*aarch64” rpm packages, the letter “a” is used instead of the full name “alternate”.

So in the script, the checking will fail and refuse to install the package.

# } elsif ($dist_rpm =~ /redhat-release-.*-7.5.*el7a|sl-release-7.5.*el7a|centos-release-7-5.*el7.centos.altarch/) {

} elsif ($dist_rpm =~ /redhat-release-.*-7.5.*el7a|sl-release-7.5.*el7a|centos-release-7-5.el7.centos.a/) {

I tried this WA. Would you please give some official solution for this?



Can you show me your output of

rpm -qf /etc/issue on your Centos 7.4 and 7.5 to see the difference

dist_rpm use this output to check after the lines you refer to.




I have here a machine with Centos 7.5 on ARM and cannot see the same output.

I would like to investigate it even if you already a workaround.

For this purpose, I need you to open a case at

Thanks in advance


Hi Marc,

rpm -qf /etc/issue


In the CentOS 7.5 release

In the last release

Index of /altarch/7.4.1708/updates/aarch64/Packages


You can see that the the naming conventions are a little different of altarch aarch64. I have no idea of this package’s name on the Power. Many thanks