MLPerf inference on Orin

I’m trying to reproduce MLPerf inference 2.1 results on AGX Orin. The page for retinanet does not have a link from where the OpenImages dataset can be downloaded. (inference_results_v2.1/closed/NVIDIA/code/retinanet/tensorrt at master · mlcommons/inference_results_v2.1 · GitHub)

The official site for OpenImages (Open Images V6 - Download) shows 6 versions available. Which is the right version to download?

Hi @virtual.ramblings, we’re checking with our team who works on MLPerf, and will get back to you about it.

Any updates on this?

Sorry for the delay - still waiting on confirmation, but due to some references in the code I’m inclined to think it’s OpenImages v6:

Hi @virtual.ramblings, there’s a link to a downloader script for the OpenImages mlperf validation set here:

Thanks so much! Will try this out.

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