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I’ve a question about the power measurements at: v1.0 Results | MLCommons

Test ID: 1.0-633 NVIDIA
NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier 32GB (MaxQ, TensorRT)

What is this MAXQ? I assume it’s some power saving mode but I couldn’t find documentation about this.

In this test case, inference times and power consumption numbers are given but there are no corresponding TOPS. What TOPS are used in this calculation?

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Thanks for your question.

We are double-checking this internally.
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Sorry for the late.

MAXQ is a power mode defined in the MLPerf sample.
You can find some information below:

The performance is measured in time.
You can find the detailed score for Xavier of each model below:


Thank you for the reply. The follow-up question i have is this.

The power number for

Test ID: 1.0-633 NVIDIA
NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier 32GB (MaxQ, TensorRT)
NVIDIA Carmel (ARMv8.2) 1 NVIDIA AGX Xavier

Resnet power: 25.20W
SSD-small power: 23.79W
SSD-large: 23.20 W

Could you elaborate on what does this power include? I assume it is SoC plus DDR memories needed to run inference but wanted to confirm,

Also, when I look at the log files below, the power is 17W - which is different from the above link.

Thank you for any clarification.

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