mlx4eth63 crashed with BSOD

I updated the machine’s WinOF driver earlier today and didn’t reboot until a few hours ago, after the reboot, I got weird black-screen issue while booting into windows, sometimes a BSOD crash with SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED in mlx4eth63.sys. I have now disabled that driver and able to get into the system. Here’re crash dumps.

032420-23406-01.dmp (635 KB)

032420-19937-01.dmp (437 KB)

032420-19828-01.dmp (701 KB)

Also Windbg output is mostly useless as I don’t have any pdb file.

Hello Ming,

Thank you for posting your issue on the Mellanox Community.

Based on the information provided, we recommend the following

Uninstall the driver completely and re-install. Make sure after the uninstall that the registry is free from any Mellanox entries. You can use 3rd party tools like CCleaner or System Ninja, to clean up your registry

Do a fresh, clean install of the Windows Operating system with the recommended patches mentioned in the WinOF UM

If you still experiencing issues after these recommendation, please open a Mellanox Support ticket (valid support contract only) by sending an email to

Thank you,

~Mellanox Technical Supprt