Mlx5_bond_0 disappears at boot time when only one port is up


We have our MT2910s configured as a two port bond and whilst doing testing we’ve had to disable one of the two ports from the switch side:

[username@hostname ~]$ cat /proc/net/bonding/bond2 |grep -Pi ‘mode|lacp|interface’
Bonding Mode: IEEE 802.3ad Dynamic link aggregation
LACP active: on
LACP rate: slow
Slave Interface: priv0

[username@hostname ~]$ sudo ethtool priv0|grep -i “link de”
Link detected: yes
[username@hostname ~]$ sudo ethtool priv1|grep -i “link de”
Link detected: no (Autoneg, No partner detected)

[username@hostname ~]$ ibdev2netdev
mlx5_0 port 1 ==> data0 (Up)
mlx5_1 port 1 ==> bond2 (Up)
mlx5_2 port 1 ==> priv1 (Down)

Now, if I bring up the priv1 interface by enabling the port on the switch the mlx5_bond_0 shows up as expected:
[username@hostname ~]$ ibdev2netdev
mlx5_0 port 1 ==> data0 (Up)
mlx5_bond_0 port 1 ==> bond2 (Up)

And it stays visible even if i disable the priv1 interface.

What I would like to know is if there is some tunable that I could tweak so that the mlx5_bond_0 is visible after having rebooted the machine with only one link in up state?

Cards are running 28.36.1700 FW

Thanks for your help,