Mlx5muxtool - is LACP possible on windows?

Hello team,
I have a connectx-6 lx adapter on a windows 11 pro machine. I created a team using mlx5muxtool.exe for type i chose Aggregate. What exactly does aggregate mean in this context. Is this a static LAG?
I would love to get LACP working. My switch (Arista) was waiting for an LACP response on the ports involved, but never got one. Putting the port-channel on the Switch in a static LAG works fine.
Please let me know if LACP is possible with mlx5muxtool.


Hi Andreas,

Mlx5muxtool can be used to create teamed interfaces in Windows client / workstation.

Aggregate mode means that you can create a static LAG which usually on network switches is called “port-channel mode on”.

LACP is not supported in mlx5muxtool.

Thank you and regards,