MLX90640 thermal camera application


We trying to use MLX90640 thermal camera on AGX-Xavier is there any application which was tested by nividia on the MLX90640 thermal camera sensor.

Currently we are using this application.
Is there any other application which was tested by nvidia.


Dear sushma,
Please find the supported sensors at DRIVE AGX Xavier Sensors & Accessories | NVIDIA Developer

Thanks for your reply @SivaRamaKrishnaNV ,

We are using MLX90640 thermal camera sensor as an I2C device able to detect it as an i2c device, while running the above application the temperature values are changing with drastic changes.

We assume this is not the expected behaviour of the application
can you please suggest any other application to test the MLX90640 thermal camera on AGX-xavier.

Dear @SushmaMP,
May I know if you are using DRIVE AGX platfrom or Jetson platform?

Thanks @SivaRamaKrishnaNV

We are using Jetson AGX-Xavier platform .

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hello SushmaMP,

by checking the MLX90640 datasheets for Melexis’ 32x24 infrared (IR) sensor array.
this isn’t using CSI interface. it’s using i2c protocol to communicate with the device directly.
please refer to to extract the thermal data.

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