MM5 3.7 on 6.16 and 6.24

I am using AMD 64 Bit Opteron 8 Dual Core CPU system to set up MM5. I downloaded the Storm of the Century test case and successfully compiled and completed the simulation. However, when doing a more memory intensive run, 275x350x35 at 45 km resolution, no matter my time-step, the model CFL’s shortly after the 3600 seconds or after one model output.

I have looked at previous posts and tried to implement any hints, however, nothing seems to stop my CFL errors. These include unlimited stack, setting the stack to a large number, setting OMP_NUM_THREADS, etc.

Not surprisingly, I have been unable to get the mpi version to work either. Any help / configure.users / or advice from someone that has successfully done MP or MPI would be wonderful.

Ryan Maue

My configure user:


3i1. PC_PGF77 (LINUX/Portland Group Inc.)

pgf77 version 1.6 and above

May use pgf90 if the version is 3.1-4

FC = pgf90
FCFLAGS = -I$(LIBINCLUDE) -byteswapio -Mnosgimp
FCFLAGS+= -fastsse -Mcray=pointer -mp -DDEC_ALPHA

CPP = /lib/cpp
LDOPTIONS = -byteswapio
LDOPTIONS+= -fastsse -Mcray=pointer -mp

MAKE = make -i -r