Mmc_send_cmd_bounced: MMC Timeout on TX2

We have a custom product using TX2.
One of them is now showing this error and is not able to complete boot anymore.
We have been able to reflash, but after a while the error came back.
How can we confirm that internal emmc is damaged?

Logs: sales2 (24.5 KB)

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Looks something new.

Could you describe more detail about this problem?

For example, after reflash the board, how long will you hit this problem? Are you using devkit or custom board? Can you also put this module to devkit and test?

Hello WayneWWW,

It’s custom board.
We will put the module on devkit and let you know.

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Hi WayneWWW,

After reflashing on devkit with Jetpack 4.6, we don’t see any errors.
The module doesn’t seem thus to be broken but we need now to understand why this error appeared in the first place.

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