MOBO recommendations revisited

Dear CUDA colleagues-

After a lot of hardware/driver oriented problems, I’ve surmised my Tyan 3992/h2000m server board BIOS (circa 2008) refuses to mate with the latest drivers and a GTX 470 card. So time to consider some new equipment.

As has been asked before some time ago, what consumer oriented MOBOs are folks having good experiences with under multi-GPU setups? In the past, ASUS and MSI were recommended.

Secondarily what would the minimum power supply be for 2 cards (with some overhead for a third card); 1000 or 1,500 watts?



We have the same problem on our Tyan system (8 GPU system) running 2x1200W PSU. It refuses to load GTX470 into OS. We have not been able to find the cause of it. But we have GTX460 cards and GTX480 cards GTX260 cards running wo. any problems. It is till possible to load the GTX470 card but requires a couple of hard resets.

Some vendors you could take a look at are:

Tyan (maybe not recommended :) )

Exxact corp


Also another gaming Mobo that could be suitable is: EVGA w555 (Super record 2)

Have any other users found issues with drivers recognizing GTX 460s/480s but not 470s? Would seem highly unusual and maybe I don’t have to get rid of the Tyan board? TIA.