Mocap from previously shot and/or existing 2D video?

I am very interested in this tech as I have been waiting for it for many years and all I got to go on is a one-second tease from the Omniverse introduction video… So my question is this; does it exist and if so, how do I access it, and will it transfer over to BVH files?

Any info would be appreciated; thanks in advance!

Hey, thanks for your interest!

I’m assuming your discussing pose estimation viewed in our Machinima teaser here as well:

We plan on announcing soon when we’ll have this available for use in Omniverse, it unfortunately isn’t available for use quite yet! Keep your eye out for the first beta release of the machinima app in the next few months and more info around pose estimation. I’m just as excited as you to get this into a ton of peoples hands.

YES! Thanks for the info, yeah I was wondering if we’ll be able to export in BVH format?
Thanks again for the confirmation, and yeah that machinima teaser is just that, a tease! ;)

I’ll pass on the request for BVH! We currently have most of our tools writing directly to USD across the board, but we’ll keep BVH in mind as I am aware of its proliferation throughout the mocap community. Thanks!

Cool! Thanks a lot for this I really appreciate it, cannot wait 'til it comes out!
I also use Daz Studio, and the BVH format is very beneficial to the Daz community, as the format works perfectly for Genesis figures!