Model to train fruits and vegetables on NGC using transfer learning

Hi All,

I am interested in using transfer learning to train fruits and vegetables using Nvidea NGC models and TLT.
I would like to know what are the recommended models I can use for transfer learning?
Can I even use trained models for object detection in my application?

Thanks a lot!!

Thank you for your question @radio1985!

The Transfer Learning Toolkit - Computer Vision Collection on NGC Catalog is a great starting point that encapsulates all the available pre-trained computer vision models (for object detection as well as other use-cases) available on NGC and compatible with the Transfer Learning Toolkit.

In this Collection, you will also find detailed documentation and suggested reading to help you leverage the Transfer Learning Toolkit and your choice of pre-trained model to achieve your desired use-case.

You can also find pre-trained models for object detection with sample code to fine-tune those models for fruits and vegetables in the Image Classification or Object Detection collections.