Model upload issue in NVIDIA Annotation Server

When running below command for uploading model:

curl -X PUT ‘’ -F ‘config=@config_aiaa.json;type=application/json’ -F ‘’

Following error is coming:

Model/Config Not Found OR Failed to import model into AIAA
Load with valid model+config

Do you have both .zip and config file available in the same folder?

Also, make sure that model checkpoint files are correctly named and there’s no error in the config file. Checkpoint files in .zip should be

  • model.ckpt.index
  • model.ckpt.meta

Config file should be correct in terms of content and form (check also for commas+brackets).

Hi RiaH,

The issue is i am not able to upload model from NGC due to server proxy issue.
But when i am trying to upload downloaded model from my local path.
The above error is still coming.
I am running this command from same directory where and config_aiaa.json is present.
Yes there is a way around.
Also is there a way i can setup Annotation Server in Windows ?

As far as I understood, a Linux environment is a must-have at the moment. See also