Model wrap tool. Stand alone project with batch?

I really like your character transfer wrap tool. It is very easy to wrap a head topology to your mesh. Nothing breaks and Yes I tried to break it!! Can it do full bodies and random models? Or is it only optimised for heads? You do not have to answer I am just impressed.

Thank you. The tool is very general, you can use it overall for many things. We design it to work as a standalone we just have not exposed it that way but feel free to use it for any type of mesh wrapping needs.

It can work on full body but for full body you have to be careful where you place your landmarks. Make sure the “volume” of the mesh is covered. But you don’t need to have too much points. There are nothing specific in there just for head. Give it a try, i would be very interested to see your results.

If I have a use case I will make a note to try.