Models Pretrained on MS COCO


could you please provide models pretrained on MS-COCO?

As far as I know you only provide pretrained backbones and some models trained for a specific use case (PeopleNet, TrafficCamNet, …).

I think it would be very helpful if you could also provide models pretrained on MS COCO, because it is a good starting point for finetuning.
Otherwise a lot of people will just have to pretrain on MS-COCO themselves, which is very time consuming because you also have to find good hyperparameters…

In my case, I am looking for MaskRCNN models trained on MS COCO (resnet50 or resnet101 backbone).
For example, could you please provide the model trained in this recent blog post:

Thanks in advance!

Unfortunately there is not pretrained model for Maskrcnn model trained on COCO.
Please refer to Poor metric results after retraining maskrcnn using TLT notebook , you can train a model.

Hi Morganh,

thanks for the answer. So I guess I have to train my own COCO model then.

May I ask why you do not provide these models?
It’s a big waste of time and resources if everyone has to train their own models.
After all, TLT is supposed to be about transfer learning ;).

Yes, please trigger training on it.
Previously, in, there are only pretrianed models which are trained with google openImage dataset. There are not models trained on COCO.
Anyway, I will sync with internal team for your request.