modification for x64

Hi, because of limitation of memory, I change my OS to be windows xp 64bits.
But after my changing of it. some result of code is not correct.

Does anybody know what I have to modify for my code when porting 32bits to 64bits OS?
I think there will be distinquished in to two parts.
first, the host code. I read some thread and it saids pointer in X64 is 64bit so that like (unsigned int*) should be modified to be UINT_PTR, is it?
second, I found some result from atomic bitwise function is wrong. Is it because atomic bitwise funciton only support 32bit data so that in X64 it is cut?

the items above confused me very much.
general pointer type like(unsigned int*) can not be used in X64, but in the example of CUDA 64bits.
All of the types are (bra bra bra *), does it not has to be changed?

It seems that to access data in 32bits and 64bits through pointer is very different.
Hopefully there will be someont to make me realize it.
thank you so much.