Modified gst-nvinfer plugin


I’ve encountered a problem with gst-nvinfer plugin for DeepStream 5.0.1. I need to modify it for my needs (add a few features). My question is as follow: which parts of the plugin’s code available at ‘/sources/gst-plugins/gst-nvinfer’ have to be modified in order to make new custom nvinfer plugin available for GStreamer (I do want to end up having custom-nvinfer and nvinfer plugins available)? So far I managed to compile “modified” code but ‘gst-inspect-1.0’ sees compiled .so plugin as ‘blacklisted’. Inspecting it with GST_DEBUG=4 does not indicate any problems. Any hints are welcome.

I’ve found: Modifying gst-nvinfer plugin but it concerns DS version 4, and following it has not resolved my issue.

• Hardware Platform - dGPU GeForce RTX 2080Ti
• DeepStream Version - 5.0.1
• TensorRT Version - 7.2.1 + CUDA 10.2
• NVIDIA GPU Driver Version - 455.45.01

Thanks in advance!


Even Modifying gst-nvinfer plugin is for deepstream 4.0, it is thesame to deepstream 5.0.1.

It is gstreamer problem but not deepstream problem. GStreamer-devel - Help debugging blacklisted plugin