Modify device tree and tegra_defconfig to include /dev/xillybus on my Jetson TX2

I was attempting to get a SPIDev driver onto my Jetson TX2, so I followed the steps found here on my host machine instead of on the Jetson itself: Using these steps, but slightly modified to be performed on the host (cross compiling, flashing, different file paths, tegra_defconfig instead of tegra18_defconfig, etc.), I was able to successfully get a SPIDev driver onto my Jetson.

I am now wondering if it is possible to make modifications (very similar to the above link) within


to add a xillybus device driver onto my Jetson TX2. If anyone has gone through the same/similar process before and has any a guides/recommendations and could provide them to me, I would appreciate it.

I am using the kernel sources provided by the 4.2.1 Jetpack and my Jetson is being cross-compiled using aarch64-linux-gnu-. Hopefully this is enough information to help you help me.

hello ben.bole

here’s documentation, Kernel Customization to setup an environment to build the image from kernel sources.
you may also modify below kernel sources, and please follow the steps in documentation to compile your customize kernel image and device tree.
for example,

you might also refer to Flashing a Specific Partition session to update the board by flashing kernel and kernel-dtb partitions.