Modify U-Boot change boot sequence of TX2-NX?

Hi, everyone,
I want to change the booting order of tx2-nx by modifying uboot code,I follow ““How to modify U-Boot source code to change boot order of TX2-NX?”” but device still boot on emmc .can someone tell me how to modify that? THANKS!

Please also try to change with u-boot/include/configs/p3636-0001.h.

Hi,WayneWWW Thanks for your reply,
I change boot sequence in u-boot/include/configs/p3636-0001.h.
It can root on nvme. but usb can not.
I can change anything to root on usb?


Just to confirm

  1. Changing p3636-0001.h can change the boot order, right?

  2. Only usb boot fails, is it correct?
    Actually, TX2 is not able to boot from usb. That is why the developer guide does not have it in the support cases.

Changing p3636-0001.h can change the boot order,Only USB device boot fail
Thanks for your assistance

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