Modify Xavier Device Tree for external eMMC

I am looking to edit the device tree to allow the SoM file system to access an eMMC module located on a custom carrier board. The eMMC is 8-bit but can support 4-bit as well. The eMMC is mapped to the SoM SD interface. I was told previously in a forum post that Nvidia only supports SD not eMMC but I believe it should work the same so I am looking for how to enable the kernel to access whatever is present on the SD interface and add it to the file system. I want to confirm that the device is present using lsblk of df commands.

The issue I am having is knowing how to edit the .dts file to ensure the SoM recognizes the device and adds it to the file system on boot up. I am specifically looking for some direction on how to approach the device tree. Do I need to change something in the device tree? Or add another node to the tree? Do I need to be aware of device addresses in memory? If so how do I find that?


The external eMMC design is not supported.

Are you aware of any 3rd parties that can help bridge this gap? Or are you saying it is physically impossible to ever use the SD interface to communicate to a eMMC device?

There is no support for design the carrier board with external eMMC.

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