Modifying Jetson RAM Disk in Linux_for_Tegra

Is there a method to modify the Jetson RAM disk from the Linux for Tegra folder on the host flashing machine?

The online docs have a method of modifying the RAM disk, but this relies on performing the modification directly on a Jetson.

I don’t see how it requires directly operating on Jetson from the document.
Of course you can do it on your host PC.

I have a couple of reasons why I’m led to believe that the docs imply operating on the jetson.

  1. There two initrds present in the L4T folder, one in./rootfs/boot/initrd and another in ./bootloader/l4t_initrd.img. It is not that clear to me which initrd needs to be replaced.

  2. One of the packages that is applied on the sample rootfs by the ./ script replaces the default initrd. The documentation makes no mention on if the initrd customisation should take place before or after the ./ script.

  3. The method describes updating the initrd image with the customised one by;

    $ cp /tmp/l4t_initrd.img /boot/l4t_initrd.img

    /boot/l4t_initrd.img exists only on the jetson’s rootfs. Is this a typo? Should the line instead be the following?

    $ cp /tmp/l4t_initrd.img <Linux_for_Tegra>/rootfs/boot/l4t_initrd.img